Free Vaccines For LIfe Program

At West Houston Veterinary Medical Associates (WHVMA), we are genuinely passionate about your pet's health. Our goal is to offer our patients the highest quality preventative pet healthcare at affordable prices.

What is the free vaccines for life (FVFL) program?

The Free Vaccines & Healthy Pets for Life (FVFL) program was created allowing us to practice the gold standard care of veterinary medicine for our patients at an affordable rate.

Discounts across the board give our clients the opportunity to meet the expense of more treatment for their animals in need. One of the obvious factors would be the "free" core vaccines plus diagnostic testing at a discounted rate allowing you to afford the care your pets need.

Practicing the gold standard of veterinary care helps increase our devoted companions' health, wellness, and most of all their quality of life.

Group of veterinarian chech chip at dog's neck and reading information

How Does The Program Work?

Requirements to enroll: one-time enrollment fee of $59 with the yearly comprehensive preventative healthcare physical exam performed at West Houston Veterinary Medical Associates (WHVMA).

Once enrolled, your pet will receive the core vaccines for free. The *non-core vaccines will be highly discounted.

You will be reminded within one year from the anniversary date of the initial enrollment. A 2-month grace period will be allowed without the need to enroll again.

Contact us for more information on cost and pricing!

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