Our Team

Meet the caring and compassionate veterinary care team of West Houston Veterinary Medical Association in Houston! We’re pleased to provide exceptional veterinary care for your pets! Call us at (281) 493-4712 or contact us to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members!

Mark Gochenour

Dr. Mark Gochenour | Co-Medical Director

Dr. Gochenour received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M in 1977 and started WHVMA 41 years ago. Mark always wanted to be a veterinarian, saving the local wildlife and strays growing up. His vision of the future of veterinary medicine in prevention and wellness care makes him our leader in continuing to improve the quality of life for our patients through his creation of the Free Vaccines for Life and Healthy Pets for Life programs. He regularly attends continuing education meetings, ultrasound seminars, and performs most of our ultrasound and echocardiogram diagnostics. If your pet needs any of these procedures, you can observe through the glass walls of the special procedures room, and even see what’s going on at the same time through our second monitor!

He has dogs, Mischa the golden retriever, Moonie the Dachshund, and Mini Cooper the Powderpuff Chinese Crested; 5 cats, Britta, Kitty Gaga, E.R, Sox and Smokey; and 2 guinea pigs, Charlie and Peppermint, and a rabbit named Bobby Jr. Dr. Gochenour enjoys multiple sports activities; from baseball and basketball to cycling. He has two sons; Jordan and Chase, who keep him busy in his free time along with a rabbit named Bobby Jr.

Dr. Randy Tonking | Co-Medical Director

An Aggie through and through, our Dr. Tonking graduated class of 1981, and is our other owner of WHVMA. The outpatient area is a buzz with the high energy “Dr. T” emits while seeing our patients and taking care of their families. He always has a smile on his face and a greeting for our clients and their pet family members.

Extending the quality of life for our canine and feline friends has always been at the forefront for Dr. Tonking, and he enjoys taking time with his clients as well as their pets.

When not enjoying the latest Aggie football game, Dr. T enjoys visiting his two sons Blaine and Reid and his grandchildren. Dr. T is also very proud of his sons for serving our country.

Randy Tonking
floofy dog with heart

Cindy Newman | Veterinary Nursing

Cindy is one of our veterinary nurses, and joined WHVMA in Sept 2001. Cindy is always ready to help anyone out, and will lend a hand with patient care in any aspect of our hospital. She shares her home with an 11-year-old rescued Miniature Pinscher named Cricket and a 4-year-old Boxer mix, Oreo, who was abandoned at 3 weeks of age. With Cindy’s good care and kindness, Oreo is now a permanent member of the family and couldn’t be happier!

Outside of work, Cindy is kept busy with her teenage daughter Nikki, camping, tubing in the Guadalupe river and playing pool. Always one to have fun, Cindy loves to make people laugh and she’s sure to brighten your day as well.

Tim Bell | Pet Partner

Tim is our kennel manager and has been with WHVMA since November of 1990. His mild manner and great smile keep us laughing, and his love of pets shows through in every aspect of animal care. Ask Tim about any of his dogs, who are at least as spoiled as any patient we see. Tim makes sure to keep our pet resort running smoothly, making our patients stay as much like home as possible. Need to check on your pet while he’s boarding with us? You can call and speak to Tim personally and get the news on how your pet is doing.

Tim Bell
Cherry Buske

Cherry Buske | Grooming

Cherry is our Pet Stylist and has been at WHVMA since June of 2000. Cherry makes our dogs and cats look great, either with styling or haircuts! Cherry is a native of the Philippines and loves to share stories from back home! Cherry also loves helping our neighborhood animal pets in need. She has been rescuing and adopting local pets for the past 4 years and although it takes a great amount of time, she enjoys it as a labor of love. When not spending time making your pets look fabulous and with her vast four-legged family at home, she enjoys visiting her family all over the U.S.


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